Code Migration


The Information technology scenario changes at a mind boggling rates, and there is a tendency to upgrade the legacy applications which are still functional to newer technologies for any of the following reasons.

  • Not as much user friendly as newer .Net applications.
  • Requires learning new paradigm
  • Scarcity of developers and support personal
  • Application are not as flexibles as their new generation counterparts.
  • Doesn't match with your strategic investment decision.
  • Are not resuable and doesnot support RAD.

Reasons may be innumerous, but Strategic Alliance understands these needs of its clients and has made it, its business to fulfill the requirements of this niche. Till this date, we have undertaken many projects of code migration. We have migrated code to .Net platform from various languages like COBOL, FORTRAN, ColdFusion, PowerHouse and Visual Basic6.0. We have not only migrated code, but also have transformed the old console based or gui based applications to web-based applications.


  • Migrating COM Applications to .Net Applications
  • Migrating COBOL Applications to .Net Applications
  • Migrating FORTRAN Applications to .Net Applications
  • Migrating FOXPRO Applications to .Net Applications
  • Migrating Windows Applications to Web Applications
  • Development of Migration Engine
  • Creation of Migration Framework


  • You get the flexibility of the new platform and the convinience of the old application because we have the knack to implement user interfaces which mimic your old applications at the time giving you all the salient features of the new Micrtechnology so that there is zero gradient learning curve for the end users.
  • Your migration from old system to new will be smooth and frictionless as we have a wide and indepth experience of migrating systems and managing changes.
  • You will get a full mapping of your old system code to new system code as we adopt a highly proven Change Management Practise.


  • Microsoft .Net Framework 1.0 /1.1 /2.0 /3.0
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Strategic Alliance Migration Engine [SAME]
  • Strategic Alliance Change Management Framework [SACMF]